Facade Cleaning services

Being a specialized service provide for façade Global Platforms is very well equipped in terms of resources needed to access height which otherwise can unsafe and dangerous.
Our focus on cradle system has enabled us to build a portfolio of several hundred customers who rely on our services to ensure their equipment operates safely and efficiently. Our experienced installation team offers a complete range of products and system to meet your need for providing safety at height.
Rope access System (RAS) alias spider cleaner- IRATA level-1 Trainees.
Well trained and experienced RSA personal for carrying out cleaning and maintenances jobs at height. Total number of reverse kits---5 (for as and when requirements). In RAS a single individual to rappels down with the support of a poly-nylon rope (main Rope) .He is equipped with cleaning liquid, squeeze, applicator, bucket, scarper, safety gear, Helmets to carry out the cleaning job. A separate rope (safety rope ,16mm, Nylon ) carries a fall arrester lock to catch & Hold the person in case a free fall emergency .additional equipments like suction cup with lanyard ids used by used by the RAS personal to personal to attach his weight to the static façade area while cleaning.